Window cleaning in height: techniques and tools

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Every day we find more buildings with large windows in which the cleaning of windows in height is a fundamental task. The shop windows and shop windows that are on the street and have only one floor are not too complicated to polish. But what about the tallest buildings or the skyscrapers whose facade is made entirely of glass? Of course, these issues are not easy to solve.

How to clean large windows and located at high altitude is something that we must consider when we work or we own a company or building that meets these characteristics. That’s why in this post we tell you all the details and secrets of cleaning tall windows .

When do we need a window cleaning at height?
First of all we must think about the characteristics of our building. The cleaning of offices will be more complicated if they have huge, tall windows. To make this cleaning job easier, it is best to trust cleaning companies specialized in washing tall windows.

Limpieza de cristales

Now that we know what we need, it is normal that we consider what kind of professional cleaning our windows require and how often they should be polished. The first thing we have to do is select from among many cleaning agencies which one is the best for us. This company will have to make us a customized budget in which we detail how it will carry out the cleaning of glass at height and how often . This can be done once you know our needs.

Crystal Cleaning with a Robot
The method and the tools to clean glass in height that we hire will always depend on how high and accessible the windows are. It will not be the same to polish the windows of a three-story office that will leave a skyscraper gleaming on the tallest of Paraguay.

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Window cleaning with pole
There are very long poles that allow us to access even 20 meters high. Therefore, not always think how to wash tall windows have to imagine operators hanging from the facade. When it is possible to polish the crystals from the soil we will use this technique , because it is the least risk involved.

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The poles are extendable handles that allow us to reach great heights. Some are carbon fiber, which greatly lightens the weight that the glass cleaner has to endure while performing its task. Many of these poles already have incorporated a system that transports water to the end where the brush is located. The bristles of these brushes are open and soft so as not to scratch the surface. However, they have the necessary firmness to drag dirt without problem. “Ozonated” water or pure water is free of minerals and other particles. It is a product that allows deep disinfection without the need to use soaps or other additives, and also prevents water marks from remaining on the glass.

Crystal Cleaning
Glass cleaning in height with elevator
These cranes have a very long and extensible arm capable of raising the operator in charge of cleaning tall windows to a considerable level. There are different sizes, but they can reach more than 24 meters.

Some of these elevators, for example the caterpillars , can easily enter landscaped areas and difficult to access. These mechanisms allow a wide range of mobility since they move up and down and also to the sides. This freedom of movement makes it easier for the operator to clean large crystals and control with a remote control where to go to continue with their task.

Gondolas for cleaning windows in height
The gondolas are platform- shaped platforms that are suspended in the air so that the cleaning staff can polish the glass and move through rails. This allows operators to move sideways, but also from top to bottom or vice versa.

Some recently built buildings have an integrated factory system to suspend a gondola. This is especially true of the most modern buildings whose facade is composed almost entirely of glass. Therefore, the architect who designed it already took into account the need to usually perform a window cleaning at height.

Washing glasses
Window cleaning in height with harness
This technique consists of the operator hanging down on the glazed surface in order to carry out the cleaning work. The employee slides from the roof of the building and is left hanging. This method is used only in cases where reaching the facade would otherwise be impossible due to its difficult accessibility. The risk associated with this type of window cleaning at height is evident because the operator is left hanging on ropes and is fastened through a harness hooked with carabiners. We must take special care with the prevention of occupational hazards used when carrying out this cleaning technique. The fastening points and all the elements used to get the operator off-hook must be approved .

The operators that carry out this type of cleaning of facades need to have many utensils on top. To facilitate this task, they often have a mobile platform where they can leave some of them. However, other times, they are forced to carry with them permanently each tool and, therefore, must have the necessary systems to anchor these instruments in their clothing.

Window cleaning
Learn more about how to clean crystals and leave them transparent . Although, if you are more interested in the cleaning of glass in height, with this article you can learn a little more.